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This Graduate Certificate is designed for students of all backgrounds who have an interest in how firms are governed, the forces that have helped define modern management practice, and the outcomes of that practice not only for the firm itself, but also for the societies in which they operate. For students who are thinking of a career in management, it may also prove useful as a basic introduction to some of the conceptual vocabulary and ideas behind modern theories of management.

This program will prove of benefit to:

  • professionals who work or intend to work in organizations
  • Professionals who wish to take up a career in management

Under the guidance of distinguished Trove Business School faculty, program participants will have knowledge on the below:

  • The function of the firm;
  • The ways in which narrative forces shape decision making
  • Knowledge of how market relationships define the managerial culture in ways that can lead to sub-optimal outcomes.


Units Covered




Virtual learning /

Strategic Management

Capstone Project

6 – 8 weeks

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Organizational Behavior









Admission Requirements:

  • Updated CV
  • Preferred – 2+ years of work experience in relevant industry
  • Latest Color Passport size picture
  • Last qualification copy in English
  • Good command over English as language of communication
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